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Rodgers IMAGINE 235 Two Manual Tab Organ Console

Rodgers IMAGINE 235 Two Manual Tab Organ Console

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The Imagine Series 235 delivers the most stunning sounds available in digital organs along with the ability to connect to wind-blown pipes, all in a beautiful 2-manual instrument. The organ has a total of 217 voices spread across 4 unique organ styles: American Eclectic, English Cathedral, French Romantic and German Baroque. On top of that, the organ features 28 premium orchestral voices. With 35 main stops, and the additional 99 Voice Palette™ stops, the Imagine 235 allows the organist to discover new possibilities.


In addition to the 99 Voice Palette™ stops, the customizable Organ Stop Library provides another 55 pipe organ stops and ensembles while the Orchestral Library offers 28 premium orchestral voices. With a total of 217 choices at their fingertips, organists can create personalized registrations for any style and period of organ literature.

Opening up a new world of countless possibilities for organ registration, real-time stop selection enables advanced mix-and-match capabilities, going above and beyond the typical digital organ. Direct Streaming, a highly sophisticated technology featuring powerful ultra-fast computer processors and enhanced working memory, provides state-of-the-art operation and seamless integration.


The Imagine Series organs are carefully crafted to the standards of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) and showcase an elegantly designed and superiorly built console. A Rodgers exclusive 32-note radiating, velocity-sensitive AGO pedalboard is standard, as well as three Performance TouchTM velocity-sensitive keyboards with 128 levels of velocity sensitivity for orchestral voices. Dimmable illumination adorns the music desk, pistons, tabs, and pedal lights.

Imagine 235 Specs

Console Dimensions
Height: 47.8” (121.5 cm)
Height w/ Music Stand: 56.9” (144.5 cm)
Width: 60” (152.4 cm)
Depth: 27.7” (70.3 cm)
Depth w/ Pedalboard: 46.0” (116.8 cm)
Total Weight: 456.4 lbs (207 kg)
Number of Total Voices: 217
Number of Main Voices: 35
Number of Voice Palette Stops: 99
Number of Organ Library Stops and Ensembles: 55
Number of Orchestral Library Voices: 28
Keyboards and Pedalboard
Keyboard Type: Performance Touch™ Velocity-Sensitive Keyboards
Pedalboard Type: 32-Note Radiating Velocity Sensitive AGO Pedalboard
Number of General Pistons: 10
Number of Toe Pistons: 5 (Optional 10 or 14)
Number of Divisonal Pistons: 5 Great, 5 Swell, 5 Pedal
Number of Library/MIDI Couplers: 3 Plus 6
Types of Melody Couplers: Bass, Melody Swell, and Melody Choir
Tremulants: 2 (Great, Swell) Tremulants
Shoes: 2 Expression (can be configured as 1 Expression, 1 Crescendo)
Memory: 50 levels per piston, unlimited memory banks with the USB drive

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