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M560H - 44" Acoustic Upright Piano

M560H - 44" Acoustic Upright Piano

Acoustic upright pianos deserve special attention and so do you. Please contact us if you are interested in the M560H Upright Acoustic Piano! We always appreciate an opportunity to hear your story to make sure you are getting a piano that is perfect for you and your situation. We can also make sure you are getting the best price possible as we regularly run promotions on our acoustic upright pianos!
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Yamaha took everything they learned from more than a century of crafting fine pianos to create an instrument to inspire the next generation of players. The result is an elegant, compact piano with a responsive keyboard and a clear, resonant tone. Whether you’re a beginner, a budding virtuoso or accomplished musician, the b Series is an absolute joy to play.


The tone and performance of the professional studio pianos wrapped in gorgeous cabinetry to enhance the home décor.


Sound boards standing vertically in rolling racks at the piano factory.

The soundboards and ribs in the Gallery Collection pianos are crafted from solid spruce that has been hand selected at Yamaha’s Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan, giving these pianos a richer, more resonant voice and evenly balanced timbre across the entire keyboard.



View of the back of an upright with the soundboard and posts visible.

Years of cutting-edge research, including our proprietary wood-drying process, result in back posts that maintain their shape, strength and resonance for years to come.



Yamaha was the first company to use an advanced Vacuum Shield Mold casting technology called V-Pro to create a stronger, lighter, more durable frame. Every b Series piano features a full-perimeter frame built to Yamaha’s exacting specifications at their Iwata Forge in Japan.




Closeup of the furniture type detailing of the wood case. This includes a border along top edge with a row of tiny posts.

Yamaha has spent over a century refining the piano maker’s art. You can see and feel the attention to detail in the finish on every Gallery Collection piano.



Rows of installed hammers on an upright piano being built.

b Series hammers are crafted of the finest materials and painstakingly designed for each model to provide optimum tone, response and a lifetime of musical enjoyment.



A man smiling as he plays from sheet music on a Yamaha upright piano in his living room.

Yamaha artisans in our factory in Kakegawa, Japan oversee the winding of pure copper and adjust the balance and tension of each bass string to the exacting standards and sound profile of every b Series piano.



Closeup of the aluminum rail in a piano being built.

Often copied but never equaled, the patented Yamaha aluminum action rail helps assure our piano keyboards are resistant to tiny fluctuations in humidity and temperature over time.



Yamaha specifically seasons this piano for the market. The tuning stability, finish and overall musical integrity are enhanced over the long life expected of a fine piano.



Each key of a Yamaha piano is individually tested and measured for the corrections needed to obtain uniform “down weight” pressure. Yamaha actions play correctly and uniformly. This balancing helps ensure a lifetime of superior touch and control across the keyboard.


Height: 44″
Width: 58″
Length: 21″
Weight: 475 lbs.
Hammer Weight: 19 lbs.
Soundboard Material: Solid Spruce
Back post Material: Spruce
V-Pro Plate: Yes
Bridge/Pinblock Material: Hard Maple
Tuning Pins: Cut thread
Seasoned for Destination: Yes
Keyboard: 88 Keys
Pedals: Soft Pedal, Mute Pedal, Damper Pedal
  • Matching Piano Bench
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Red Key Cover
  • 10 Year Warranty: From cabinet to keys, legs and strings, if any defect or issues arise with any aspect of your piano we will take care of everything at no charge! Yamaha takes pride on the quality of their pianos and we believe in Yamaha’s craftsmanship to stand behind this amazing warranty promise.
  • 3 Year Extended Popplers Warranty (no extra charge): We want to be sure you have every confidence when buying a Yamaha premium piano!  To be sure, Yamaha is the leader in quality, craftsmanship, and piano technology, and you will can expect many years of trouble-free music making without surprise expenses or repairs.  We are so confident in this quality that we are giving you 3 additional years of warranty, beyond the standard 5 year coverage, at NO additional cost…our Popplers Promise to you!

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