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2 + 1 (Marimba Duo)

2 + 1 (Marimba Duo)

2+1 is a marimba duo by Ivan Trevino scored for two players to perform on one 4.5-octave (or larger) marimba. From the composer, "There are many percussionists around the world who only have access to one marimba - like me! I decided to write a piece that would allow two marimbists to play a duet utilizing one marimba. While 2+1 simplifies instrument needs, it creates a challenging experience for the two performers, who have to maneuver around the instrument without getting in each other's way. In addition, the piece is written so that the players face each other while performing, meaning one of the players performs on the opposite side of the instrument.
Trevino, Ivan
Percussion Duet
Steve Weiss
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