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Discover the Organ, Level 3, Basic Organ Repertoire

Discover the Organ, Level 3, Basic Organ Repertoire

A Beginning Keyboard and Pedal Method for the Organ Discover the Organ® is a fully-graded series, designed especially for upper elementary and middle school students, that establishes a solid foundation in musicianship and keyboard technique. While the method focuses primarily on developing comprehensive manual skills, elementary pedal concepts are introduced. No prior keyboard or music instruction is required except Discover the Basics®. Discover the Organ® may also be used as an introductory organ method for students who have or are presently acquiring keyboard facility through piano study. Discover the Basics® is the beginning (first year) series for Discover the Organ®. Upon completion of Book D of Discover the Basics® the student progresses into the various series of Level 1 of Discover the Organ®. Practice Instruments: For the first three of four years of study, students may use any keyboard instrument (piano, electronic keyboard, or any kind of organ) as their daily practice instrument. If an electronic organ or keyboard is used, weighted keyboards are recommended. Beginning with Level One publications, the student may need one practice session at an organ before each lesson to integrate the optional pedal parts into the assigned compositions.
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