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Studio Series

long-time practice companion to young and old

The Studio is a true practice organ, both for the professional organist who practices daily and the hobby organist just receiving their first lessons.

A complete organ with the world-famous Johannus sound

Just like all other Johannus organs, the Studio comes with the highest quality sound. Thanks to our ingenious in-house technology, the difference between the Studio and the pipe organ is barely perceptible. When it comes to the world-famous Johannus sound, we never compromise. This is a matter of principle for us. The sound, the intonation, the reverb… nothing less than perfection will do.


  • affordable practice organ
  • world-famous sound
  • 4 styles
  • 12 reverb programs
  • sleek and compact console

Because everyone should have access to the pipe organ

The Studio is a very accessible and affordable instrument specifically designed to provide access to the pipe organ – an essential mission for Johannus. We believe the pipe organ should not only be accessible to the professional organist who practices daily, but also the hobby organist just receiving their first lessons.

Practice, rehearse, prepare: the Studio is always at the ready

It’s all in the name: the Studio is the ideal instrument for those who want to study the organ. Whether you’re rehearsing or preparing to accompany congregational singing, this organ is a loyal practice companion.

Four styles for each stop

The four Studio models come with 28 or 37 stops. However, the variation options are much more extensive. For example, each stop can be played in four different styles. Those playing Bach might like to opt for the Baroque style, while the Symphonic style better suits compositions by Widor.

From rustic chapel to historic cathedral

Thanks to the Studio’s 12 unique reverb programs, the organist can enhance their playing with every conceivable acoustic option. One moment the organist can imagine themselves playing in a rustic little chapel, the next sitting at the organ in a historic cathedral.

The Studio is right at home in the 21st century living room

The contemporary design of the Studio console is sleek and compact. Available in four colours (Light Riverside, Black North Wood, Nautilus Teak and Wengé), the organ will be right at home in the 21st century living room. Because it occupies little space, it will be just as much at home in smaller living rooms.