InterAct with Music Assessment (Level I)

Get students actively on board and on the right track with InterAct! InterAct with Assessment is a series of active music making assessments for the interactive whiteboard in 3 levels: Level 1 (Pre K-1), Level II (1-3) and Level III (3-5). Each level is an extensive stand-alone collection of 30 sequential assessments for rhythm, pitch/melody, expressive elements (dynamics, tempo, legato, staccato, etc.), timbre, texture, form, and/or harmony. Each interactive assessment will involve students through movement, instrument playing, listening, creating, composing, and reading/writing their compositions using graphic or traditional notations. These activities will also promote 21st Century Skills of critical reasoning, creativity, communication and collaboration. There are helpful 'teacher talk' pull-out instructions, often with suggestions on how to use the same interactive page for a variety of activities. These comprehensive assessments provide a curricular framework for essential sequential instruction that also aims to make the fullest use of Interactive Whiteboards, IWB applications, tablets and apps. Watch your students become physically, cognitively and actively immersed in music making! Level I is presented in a game format all about comparatives ' high'low, long'short, loud'soft, fast'slow, same'different! Play as one team or two! Track and create vocal pathways; explore timbres; recognize high'low by sight and sound; sing, play and notate so'mi songs; explore, create and notate quarter and eighth note patterns; perform locomotor or non-locomotor movements or play instruments at different speeds or dynamic levels. Combine elements from these and tackle the 'bonus challenges' through active participation and loads of fun! The CD-ROM offers step-by-step interactive lessons for SmartBoard and Promethean, compatible with SmartNotebook 11 and Promethean ActivInspire 1.7.6 software. No interactive whiteboard but you want to use the interactive lesson files? Download the free viewer software and instruct from your computer. Instructions and website links enclosed. No CD-Rom drive? No problem. Optional DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CODE included. Identical files available for direct download to your computer.
Durairaj, Manju


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