Rhythm Band Strikes AGAIN!, The

The Rhythm Band Strikes AGAIN!'is a clappin', slappin', stompin', and tappin' collection of songs and activities using basic rhythm band instruments and body percussion. Musicians and researchers have long recognized the therapeutic and educational power of rhythmic music. This collection has been designed to teach basic rhythm and dynamic patterns, encourage creative rhythmic expression, improve students' listening skills, all while providing a fun platform to energize positive group dynamics. The Rhythm Band Strikes AGAIN! is a valuable voice-saver for teachers, as vocal cues and directions for the songs are contained within the lyrics. An excellent companion piece to the successful Strike Up the Rhythm Band'(35021918), this budget-stretching classroom kit is reproducible and contains an Enhanced StudioTrax CD that includes accompaniment and performance tracks, poster and program, clip art, and composers' info.
Gallina, Jill
Gallina, Michael
Teacher Ed
Table of Contents
  • Body Percussion
  • Copy Cat Rhythms
  • It's Italiano
  • March Around The Instruments
  • Quarters, Halves And Wholes
  • Rhythm Band Star
  • The Rhythm Band Strikes Again
  • The Rhythm Express


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