Celebration of Black History Through Music

Introduce your students to the rich history of African-American music with "A Celebration of Black History Through Music...from Spirituals to Hip-Hop". Featuring some of the most important musicians of each style of music covered, "A Celebration of Black History Through Music" highlights how the roots of African-American music can be traced from the slave songs of the 1700s through hip-hop music of the 1970s and 80s, and demon- strates how this music has influenced and shaped the music of the world. Words alone will not do justice to any of the music described in this book. An enhanced CD containing audio examples of the featured music styles is included to allow your students to hear the music in the lessons. In addition, a discography, reproducible worksheets, extension activities, and a complete PowerPoint presentation are all included for use with your class.
Bielawski, Blair


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