Rhythm Reader

The Rhythm Reader is part of the SOS: Simplify Our Sightreading method by Laura Farnell and Mary Jane Phillips. The SOS method provides a simple and systematic approach to teaching beginning sight singers by introducing pitch and rhythm separately and then combinging them in short, easy-to-read exercises, setting up singers for sight-reading success. One of the most important facets of the SOS method is the systematic approach to introducing and practicing pitch and rhythm separately. The Rhythm Reader, which includes 80 supplemental rhythm-only exercises, was designed as a supplemental resource to use with the SOS book, but may also be used effectively independent of the book. The authors of The Rhythm Reader have chosen not to endorse a particular system for rhythm counting. They recommend that you, as a teacher, establish a system for rhythm counting that works best for your singers (for example, 1-te, 2-te, 3-te, 4-te, etc.).


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