Sub Tub Surprise!

Help! I'm running out of time preparing for the music sub! Wouldn't it be great if John Jacobson would show up and help teach music class? He makes those choreography moves look SO easy, and my students love his upbeat songs! SURPRISE! He's right over there - waiting to be let out of the Sub Tub and ready to spend the day with your students! In this twenty-minute lesson, all you have to do is push Play and John will have your students singing, dancing, learning about an exotic part of the world, mastering a Maori children's game and leaving your classroom feeling good about being in school. It's the perfect lesson for any day and it's all right here in one non-stop DVD package. If you don't have a DVD player or a disc drive in your computer, you will also receive digital access to the video lesson material, in addition to performance/accompaniment MP3s of the songs and songsheet PDFs for extended learning and performance options. Suggested for Grades 3-5.
Jacobson, John


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