Battle Hymn of the Republic Critical Edition for Band

Made popular by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Grammy winning performance in 1959, Peter Wilhousky's famous arrangement of Battle Hymn of the Republic has remained a staple to this day. In this Critical Edition for Band edited by Justin P. Tokke, a new arrangement has been crafted based on Wilhousky's original orchestral scoring. To enhance playability, generous cross-cuing and doubling of the choral parts have been applied in cases where the band version is played without voices. This new arrangement ensures complete compatibility with both the choral and orchestral versions, with matching measure numbers and rehearsal marks, and comes complete with a full score and parts produced with modern engraving standards. This exciting edition is ready to continue Wilhousky's legacy and hopes to inspire future collaboration and new performance opportunities.
Steffe, William
Wilhousky and Tokke


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