¡Aprende Ya! A Tocar Piano

This book/CD program is a comprehensive introduction to the playing the piano. Topics include: proper hand position, playing with both hands, accompanying a song, and much more. The specially designed audio CD contains a demonstration track for each of the music examples. Also includes fourteen Latin American folk songs for further study and analysis. 1. Bamb' 2. Arroz con leche 3. La cucaracha 4. Adi's muchachos 5. Cajueiro pequeni'o 6. Chacarera 7. Cielito lindo 8. De colores 9. Jarabe tapat'o 10. El barre'o 11. Lleg' diciembre 12. Ma Teodora 13. El rabel 14. Viva mi patria Bolivia
Inti Alejandra Viana


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