Choir Builders for Growing Voices

When do you start teaching proper vocal technique to young voices? RIGHT NOW! Here are 19 fun and original exercises that will get your students' growing voices on the right track to producing a quality sound. Posture, breathing, flexibility, range of voice and more are all addressed in these wonderful exercises for young voices. Sing along with the demonstration tracks on the enclosed CD for quick learning, or use the accompaniment-only tracks for ear training and assessment options. Get ready to workout to a better sounding choir! Suggested for grades 3-8.
Dilworth, Rollo
Crocker, Emily
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Table of Contents
  • Hey You! Who Me?
  • Articulate!
  • Stand Up To Sing
  • Tune Your Voices
  • Happy At Home
  • Phineas The Frog
  • A December Scene
  • Individuality
  • Rock And Roll Rhythms
  • The Magic Of Music
  • Interval Training
  • At The Market
  • Unity Song
  • All Nations, Sing!
  • A Celtic Interlude
  • The Giant And The Flea
  • I Will Sing This Song For You
  • Diction Warm-Up


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