Chimes for Lent and Easter - 3 Staff

As a rule, we tend to think of using chimes on festive occasions only. We have indeed included those types of pieces in this new collection. In addition, we also have included music for the Lenten season featuring the chimes. We think this is a unique concept, and we hope you do too. The music is moderately difficult and registrations are provided for all organs.
Dorothy Wells
Table of Contents
  • Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem (James Mansfield)
  • Meditation On Pleading Savior
  • Fanfare For Easter (Dorothy Wells)
  • Early Bells On Easter Morn (James Mansfield)
  • Easter Dawning (Robert J Powell)
  • Easter Chimes (Lani Smith)
  • He Is Risen He Is Risen (Edward Broughton)
  • Here O My Lord (Gilbert M Martin)
  • Meditation On Darwalls 148th (Gilbert M Martin)
  • Season Of Darkness (James Mansfield)
  • Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone (George N Allen 1844)


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