Five Preludes for Organ on Lobe Den Herren

Based on the tune Lobe den Herren and comprised of a Canon, Meditation, Scherzo, Interlude, and Toccata. In Canon, the tune appears in dotted half notes in the Pedal, quarter notes on the Great, and triplets on the Swell. In Meditation, the tune is either in the soprano or alto voice in a lyric duet, alternating positions along the way. Left hand chords and pedal notes are freely accompanimental. In Scherzo, the tune appears in canon with its inversion. The notes of the tune appear in the Pedal as sparsely-spaced points. In Interlude, the pitches of the tune occur in their original form in the pedals and in inversion on Manual I. Manual II accompanies with free counterpoint. In Toccata, the tune appears in two places: in the Pedal, where it is altered into a flashy cadenza-like scamper and several times on the Manuals where it appears in tight syncopation with its own accompaniment. As the piece closes, the pedal restates the opening phrase two more times. The final, instead of returning upward, continues ever downward until it reaches the tonic.
Bielawa, Herbert


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