Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing Concepts #3 Book/CD Set

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks and Soloing by David Barrett covers a variety of subjects including heads, hooks, bridges, unison playing, harmony playing, instrumental song construction and comping. The jam tracks present songs just as they would be performed live or on a recording. Guest artists on the jam tracks include Gary Smith, R.J. Mischo, Gary Primich, Andy Just, Tom Ball, Joe Filisko, Mitch Kashmar and Mark Hummel. Along with the jam tracks, the recording also contains samples of all notated examples.

' Covers a variety of subjects including heads, hooks, comping, and more
' Jam tracks present songs as they would be live
' Full of guest artists: Gary Smith, Andy Just, Mitch Kashmar, Mark Hummel
David Barrett


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