Lets Celebrate Thanksgiving

Songs For Young Voices Every year we pause in November to give thanks for our blessings and gather with our loved ones if we are lucky enough to be with them. We might just have to drive across town, or fly across the country, or even travel over the river and through the woods, through the white and drifting snow. The songs in this collection let us sing about the many moods of the day, with joy, humor, a little nostalgia, and with a true reflection on all of the things for which we have to be thankful. Includes: Hip Hop Turkeys - This song has many options for performance. You can add movement, costuming, or just add clapping, especially when the kids sing, "Put your drumsticks together." This one will make you smile, or gobble, as the case may be. Thanks, Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving is a special day that we set aside to think about all of the things in our lives we have to be grateful for. This song makes the argument that we should be thankful for Thanksgiving itself. This happy and lively little unison swing tune is perfect for any Thanksgiving program. Over The River - Ah, the many joys of Thanksgiving ' Grandma's house and pumpkin pie, turkey and mashed potatoes, and the pounding of Celtic drums on a cool November morning! The music has a rollicking feel to it, and the fiddle and penny whistle play the melody line, which should help young singers learning this song. I Want Some Pumpkin Pie - This is not "Chopsticks" in its purest form, but it's pretty close. But really, it's all about the pie. You can sing it for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or any time pumpkin pie is being served. Comedy is key here, as your singers become more intense as the song goes along. Glad For Their Thanksgiving - This song is a Thanksgiving anthem, a story song. It tells the tale of the hardships the Pilgrims endured in general terms, but it does so with a profound and powerful tone. The song builds as it goes, culminating in an a cappella section at the end. The resulting vocal experience is dramatic and exciting for singers. Part 2, which is optional, only occurs during the chorus. A Turkey Followed Me Home - What do you do when a turkey follows you home and it's the week of Thanksgiving? This silly song explores that scenario in a lively country style. Your students will really have fun with the spoken parts. This would certainly be a great one to act out on your stage! Includes an awesome animation bonus video. Come Ye Thankful People, Come - This fine old hymn ' a harvest hymn ' dates to the mid-1800s, when much more was made of the harvest. Our setting uses two of the most commonly sung verses over a rich orchestral setting. Ideal for a cross curricular discussion about the harvest and how food production has changed throughout our history. On The Mayflower - Here's a Thanksgiving song with an unusual twist: It focuses on the ship that carried the Pilgrims across the Atlantic. This is a lighthearted song with a sung chorus and a lot of spoken lines. Your audience will learn surprising facts about the Mayflower, and your singers will have fun teaching them!
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