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** The digital download link for this item will be sent to your email address. Benefits of using the Ukulele in a general music class: It is cheap and durable. You can purchase quite good quality Ukuleles for around $25 each, which means you can get a whole class set at a reasonable price, or its not out of the question to ask students to purchase their own The neck is small enough that young children can get their hands around the chord shapes. There are relatively few chord shapes to learn The chords learned are in C Major.. which makes it easy to incorporate the Ukulele into general music lessons with other instruments such as Orff Xylophones and keyboards Students can sing and play at the same time It is easy to move onto guitar at a later time. Why you need this Curriculum: Anyone can look up 'how to play the Ukulele' on Youtube and find loads of instructional videos showing you how to play a few Ukulele chords. That is why this isn't what this product is about. There are also a lot of books you can purchase with tunes such as 'You are my Sunshine' and 'Row, Row, Row your boat'. That is why this product doesn't have those songs either. What this curriculum does have is a series of structured activities to help the students learn the chords in a logical, step by step manner. The challenge for the students isn't really playing the chords' its being able to change chords quickly enough. For that reason the tracks we have put together are structured around gradually building up the skill of moving from one chord, to two and then three, and increasing the speed of change slowly and carefully. Included: 14 ukulele jam tracks, printslides, powerpoint/keynote slides, and a printable student booklet. If you have an interactive Whiteboard' then this material is included in Whiteboard Music Lessons, module three: Play Up!
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