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Sound Samples

We strive to have sound samples on as many products as possible. With hundreds of thousands of products, it is impossible to have sound on all of them; however, if there is a title you’d especially like to hear that we do not have sound for, we will do our best to track down a sample for you.

Sound samples can be found on the Teacher’s Edition of most classroom musicals or song collections.

To listen to a sample, click the play button.

To view sample pages or hear additional sound samples, click “View a Closer Look”


All prices are subject to publisher revision.


What is the difference between an FP CD and a P/A CD?

An FP CD (or Full Performance CD) is a “listening” CD of the actual performance with singing and dialogue. The P/A CD (or Performance/Accompaniment CD) includes the full performance of the songs or musical on the first half of the CD and then just the accompaniment or orchestration for the songs or musical on the second half.

How do I know what is in a Perf Pack or Class Kit?

The items included in the Performance Packs, Classroom Kits, and other grouped products are described toward the end of each product’s description. Please note some publishers include the P/A CD, but others do not.

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We offer a 20 Day Approval policy on certain items on our website. If these items are selected as being on Approval, they won’t be charged to your account until after the allotted time. All shipping costs are payable by the customer even if a full or partial return is made on the Approval items.

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