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2008 Pop & Rock Sheet Music Playlist [Piano/Vocal/Chords]

2008 Pop & Rock Sheet Music Playlist [Piano/Vocal/Chords]

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Sample Pages
  • In Love with a Girl
    Gavin Degraw (composer)
  • Hey There Delilah
    Tom Higgenson (composer)
  • Sorry
    Keith Edwin Nelson (composer)
    Marti Frederiksen (composer)
    Josh Todd (lyricist)
    Jimmy Ashhurst (composer)
    Steven Dacanay (composer)
    Xavier Muriel (composer)
  • Just Got Started Lovin' You
    D. Vincent Williams (composer)
    Jim Femino (composer)
    James Otto (composer)
  • Lost
    Jann Arden Richards (composer)
    Michael Buble (composer)
    Alan Chang (composer)
  • That's What You Get
    Hayley Williams (composer)
    Josh Farro (composer)
    Taylor York (composer)
  • Everything
    Michael Buble (composer)
    Amy Foster (composer)
    Alan Chang (composer)
  • One Step at a Time
    Robbie Nevil (composer)
    Mich Hansen (composer)
    Jonas Jeberg (composer)
    Lauren Evans (composer)
  • Our Time Now
    Tom Higgenson (composer)
    Mike Daly (composer)
    Mia Post (composer)
  • 4 Minutes (a/k/a Four Minutes)
    Tim Mosley (composer)
    Madonna Ciccone (composer)
    Nate Hills (composer)
    Justin Timberlake (composer)
  • Leavin'
    Terius Nash (composer)
    Christopher Stewart (composer)
    James Bunton (composer)
    Corron Cole (composer)
  • One Final Effort (from "Halo 3")
    Marty O'Donnell (composer)
    Michael Salvatori (composer)
  • All Summer Long
    Robert "Waddy" Wachtel (composer)
    Warren Zevon (composer)
    Leroy Marinell (composer)
    Matthew Shafer (composer)
    Robert "Kid Rock" Ritchie (composer)
  • The Story
    Phil Hanseroth (composer)
  • Don't Stop the Music
    Michael Jackson (composer)
    Tor Hermansen (composer)
    Mikkel Eriksen (composer)
    Frankie Storm (composer)
  • Almost Lover
    Alison Sudol (composer)
  • Psycho
    Wesley Scantlin (composer)
    Tony Battaglia (composer)
  • Hot n Cold
    Martin Sandberg a/k/a Max Martin (composer)
    Lukasz Gottwald (composer)
    Katy Perry (composer)
  • Falling Slowly (from "Once")
    Glen Hansard (composer)
    Marketa Irglova (composer)
  • I Kissed a Girl
    Martin Sandberg a/k/a Max Martin (composer)
    Lukasz Gottwald (composer)
    Cathy Dennis (composer)
    Katy Perry (composer)
  • Home
    Michael Buble (composer)
    Amy Foster (composer)
    Alan Chang (composer)
  • Praying for Time
    George Michael (composer)
  • New Soul
    Yael Naim (composer)
    David Donatien (composer)
  • Whatever It Takes
    Jude Cole (composer)
    Jason Wade (composer)
  • What About Now
    Ben Moody (composer)
    David Hodges (composer)
    Josh Hartzler (composer)
  • In My Arms
    Tiffany Lee Arbuckle (composer)
    Matt Brownleewe (composer)
    Jeremy Bose (composer)
  • Goodbye Philadelphia
    John Bettis (composer)
    Peter Cincotti (composer)
  • Paralyzer
    Scott Anderson (composer)
    James Black (composer)
    Sean Anderson (composer)
    Rich Beddoe (composer)
    Rick Jackett (composer)
  • Last Name
    Hillary Lindsey (composer)
    Carrie Underwood (composer)
    Luke Laird (composer)
  • Auld Lang Syne (from "Sex and the City")
    Mairi Campbell (composer)
    David Francis (composer)
  • A-Punk
    Ezra Koenig (lyricist)
    Vampire Weekend (composer)
  • Do You Believe Me Now
    Tim Johnson (composer)
    Dave Pahanish (composer)
    Joe West (composer)
  • Porcelain Doll
    Megan McCauley (composer)
    Willie Baker (composer)
    Ed Woodruff (composer)
  • Crush
    David Hodges (composer)
    Jess Cates (composer)
    Emanuel Kiriakou (composer)
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