Frequently Asked Questions - Popplers Music
Do you offer an Approval policy?

Popplers Music offers a 20 Day Approval policy on many items on our website. If these items are selected as being on Approval, they will not be charged to your account until after the allotted time.
A copy of the Approval invoice must accompany all returns and all items must be returned in a resalable condition. All shipping costs are payable by the customer even if a full or partial return is made on the Approval items.
Approval items that include a CD are not returnable if the CD has been opened and/or used in any way.

Can I charge using a Purchase Order?

Customers may charge with a purchase order on our website, but only if it is applied to a School or Church account. When purchasing using a Personal account, credit card payment is required. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

What address do I enter for the Billing Address?

The Billing Address will always be the name and address of whoever is paying for the order. Even if you are using these items in your school, or the school is reimbursing you for the order, if you are personally paying us for these items, please use your name and address as the Billing Address.

Can I have one Billing Address and a different Shipping Address?

It is possible to ship your items to an address that is different than the Billing Address, but please always include a name in the “Attention” line. When using a credit card for payment, please make sure that the Billing Address matches the Billing Address you have given your credit card company.

What is the difference between Hard Copy and Digital?

A Hard Copy is a physical product such as a book or CD. When purchasing a Digital product, Popplers’ website will provide a link to a PDF or audio file for immediate download by the customer. This link will also be emailed in the order confirmation.

What do I do if my order is damaged or defective?

Please inspect your order upon receiving it. If the material is defective, we will ship a replacement as soon as possible. Report defective items within 15 days of receipt so we can make prompt replacements. If materials are damaged, report the issue by calling Popplers at 1-800-437-1755. Please retain all packaging materials and products; also take pictures to document the damage.

What is your Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with any part of your purchase, you may return any or all items in unused, perfect, and resaleable condition within 30 days of purchase. A copy of the invoice should be enclosed to ensure a refund for returned products. The customer will be responsible for all return shipping/transportation costs.

Non-returnable items:
Digital products and special order products are not returnable.

Popplers Piano Trade-Up Program Details

We want to make it easy for you to upgrade your piano through the years as you progress as a piano player! We offer the most appealing trade-up program in the country! Here are our Trade-Up program details:

Digital Pianos: 100% Credit toward a piano of twice the value in the first 5 years

Acoustic Pianos: 100% Credit toward a piano of twice the value in the first 10 years.

Hybrid Pianos: Avant | Disklavier | TransAcoustic | Silent Piano – 85% Credit toward a piano of twice the value in the first 10 years.

Can I finance my piano?

Absolutely! We work with the Piano Credit Company which specializes in financing for pianos. The rates hover around 9%, we always offer a 12-month same-as-cash option, and at times have promotions that include 24 months at 0%. Credit checks can be completed by phone or on our financing page in just a few minutes, and we usually receive an answer instantaneously or within 30 minutes if they need to do a manual review. Call 701-746-7471 or go to our financing page to start the financing process.

Can I lease my piano?

Absolutely! We offer a lease-to-own program on all of our entry-level digital pianos! This is an in-store and regional option. Here are the highlights:

– 85% of every payment goes toward owning the instrument

– Payments usually range between $42-$55/mo

– 6-month minimum term, after 6 months the lease goes month to month and you are allowed to return the piano whenever you’d like, or keep making payments to the end of the lease term and you will own the instrument.

– Early payoff is an option.

Trade-up: We will give you 100% of the credit you build up on your piano toward a new piano of at least 2 times the value within the terms of our piano trade-up program.

What is the difference between shipping and delivery?

Shipping describes sending a package through common carriers such as Fed Ex, UPS, XPO, etc. This does not entail placing an item in your home assembled or otherwise. Popplers can only ship items that are in original manufacturer packaging.

Delivery describes providing an assembled product moved into your home. Delivery only applies to large, overweight items, such as acoustic pianos, digital grand pianos, etc.

For pianos, we offer fast, free SHIPPING in all 48 continental United States!

In certain cases, we will need to add a delivery fee to accommodate moving certain items. Your salesperson will help personalize a quote for your situation.

Why Yamaha?

Yamaha started out making organs back in the late 1800s. Mr. Yamaha himself saw an organ in a classroom and thought, “Wow, we should be making these right here in Japan!” Being a brilliant and tenacious inventor, he went to work making the best organ he could. Yamaha’s curiosity led him down the path of making upright pianos and then eventually grand pianos in the 1890s. This was the start of what eventually would become the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world.

Yamaha has been making pianos for over 130 years and with that experience, they have developed some of the best pianos in the world today. From 1990 to 2010 Yamaha underwent a research and development process where they completely re-engineered their pianos. Yamaha started with their handmade premium CFX concert grand piano and took everything they learned to improve all of their acoustic piano series.

Yamaha has become the majority favorite at the world stage. For example, the highest-level musicians in the world are beginning to prefer Yamaha to any other brand. In 2016 at the prestigious International Chopin Competition, 70 out of 151 competitors chose Yamaha’s CFX 9’ Concert Grand Piano to perform on, making it the most popular piano on stage out of four available brands. Out of the top 10 finalists, 7 performers chose Yamaha as their piano of choice to perform with. During this competition, there were 3 special prize awards, 2 of which were awarded to Yamaha performers. The winner of the competition, Seong-Jin Cho, ultimately performed on a brand that was not Yamaha, but later selected a Yamaha CFX for his prize recital in Paris.

Now that you are aware of their highest-level acoustic pianos, keep in mind that quality and attention to detail flow all the way through their digital pianos from entry-level to Clavinova to their Hybrid piano models. With any of Yamaha’s pianos, you will enjoy decades of music-making.

Most people are not aware of Yamaha’s commitment to education and quality, but now you know. Yamaha has truly developed pianos that are deserving of the title “Best Pianos in the World.”


Does Popplers Music have product experts on staff?

Yes! Our staff is comprised of musicians and former educators, many of them holding advanced degrees in music!

What is an acoustic piano?

An acoustic piano is a traditional piano made of wood, strings, hammers, and cast iron frame that you have to tune on a regular basis.

Other terms for this type of piano are called upright pianos, grand pianos, spinets, and consoles.

What is a weighted action on a digital piano?

Weighted actions are ideal (yes they are good!) for anyone looking to purchase a digital piano to learn piano. Weighted actions provide resistance in the key action to help feel closer to that of an acoustic piano. For example, the low notes of the piano have a little bit more resistance than that of the high notes on the piano.

Piano teachers recommend, if not require, at least weighted action pianos at home before you start lessons. It really is important when learning piano to at least have a weighted action digital piano, although it is tempting to spend less money on a non-weighted action digital piano.

As the price goes up on digital pianos one of the main things that usually changes is a better-weighted action. There is so much nuance in the action of acoustic pianos that digital pianos do the best they can to represent and recreate the feeling of an acoustic piano.

Yamaha, being that they have some of the best acoustic pianos in the world, does their best to make their digital pianos feel as close to their acoustic pianos as they can. They do an amazing job at this and people are always impressed with the feel of Yamaha digital pianos.

Is shopping on Popplers Music’s site secure and safe?

Yes. Popplers Music ensures that our customers’ purchases are secure. We use secure encryption and fraud protection for all credit card transactions. All sensitive data is encrypted using 256-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

Will my personal information be shared with 3rd parties?

We keep your information 100% private and confidential. We have secure servers that keep your information safe.