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2009 Greatest Country Hits [Piano/Vocal/Chords]

2009 Greatest Country Hits [Piano/Vocal/Chords]

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Sample Pages
  • Feel That Fire
    Brett Beavers (composer)
    Brett Warren (composer)
    Brad Warren (composer)
    Dierks Bentley (composer)
  • Forever
    James T. Slater (composer)
  • I Will
    Rory Feek (composer)
    Dave Pahanish (composer)
  • She Wouldn’t Be Gone
    Cory Batten (composer)
    Jennifer Adan (composer)
  • Shuttin' Detroit Down
    John Rich (composer)
    John David Anderson (composer)
  • Where I’m From
    Joe Leathers (composer)
    Patrick R. Davis (composer)
  • Then
    Ashley Glenn Gorley (composer)
    Chris Dubois (composer)
    Brad Paisley (composer)
  • What Do I Do with My Heart
    Glenn Frey (composer)
    Don Henley (composer)
  • All Summer Long
    Robert "Waddy" Wachtel (composer)
    Warren Zevon (composer)
    Leroy Marinell (composer)
    Matthew Shafer (composer)
    Robert "Kid Rock" Ritchie (composer)
  • I Run to You
    Tom Douglas (composer)
    Charles Kelley (composer)
    Hillary Scott (composer)
    Dave Haywood (composer)
  • Lookin' for a Good Time
    Keith Follese (composer)
    Charles Kelley (composer)
    Hillary Scott (composer)
    Dave Haywood (composer)
  • That Song in My Head
    James A. Collins, Jr. (composer)
    Wendell Mobley (composer)
  • That’s a Man
    Mark Sanders (composer)
    Steven Dale Jones (composer)
    Ed Hill (composer)
  • Cry Cry ('Til the Sun Shines)
    Hillary Lindsey (composer)
    Marv Green (composer)
    Aimee Mayo (composer)
    Chris Lindsey (composer)
  • I Still Miss You
    Tim Nichols (composer)
    Keith Anderson (composer)
    Jason Sellers (composer)
  • Just Got Started Lovin' You
    D. Vincent Williams (composer)
    Jim Femino (composer)
    James Otto (composer)
  • A Baby Changes Everything
    Tim Nichols (composer)
    Craig Wiseman (composer)
    K.K. Wiseman (composer)
  • Waitin' on a Woman
    Wynn Varble (composer)
    Don Sampson (composer)
  • Home
    Michael Buble (composer)
    Amy Foster (composer)
    Alan Chang (composer)
  • Low
    Stephanie Lewis (composer)
    Morgane Hayes (composer)
    Shane Stevens (composer)
  • 15 Minutes of Shame (a/k/a Fifteen Minutes of Shame)
    Casey Koesel (composer)
    Kelly Archer (composer)
    Justin Weaver (composer)
  • River of Love
    Dennis Morgan (composer)
    Shawn Camp (composer)
    Billy Burnette (composer)
  • I Saw God Today
    Wade Kirby (composer)
    Rodney Clawson (composer)
    Monty Criswell (composer)
  • Do You Believe Me Now
    Tim Johnson (composer)
    Dave Pahanish (composer)
    Joe West (composer)
  • Let It Go
    Tom Douglas (composer)
    Aimee Mayo (composer)
    William C. Luther (composer)
  • Home Sweet Home
    Nikki Sixx (composer)
    Tommy Lee (composer)
    Vince Neil (composer)
  • Life in a Northern Town
    Nick Laird-Clowes (composer)
    Gilbert Gabriel (composer)
  • I Told You So
    Randy Travis (composer)
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