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Claves - Siam Oak, 7"

Claves are musical instruments of Cuban origin. The first claves used were on the docks and shipyards of Havana where simple wooden pegs were clacked together to accompany the rhythms of songs played by dock workers. The claves functioned like rhythmic guides to the song; they began by organizing the rhythmic accompaniment of the music. As time passed, the amount of adapters of the claves and performers increased. Claves are often used to play a repeating rhythmic figure throughout a piece and it is also found in African and Brazilian music. The claves are used in virtually all Cuban music genres, and has since been universalized. Today, this instrument is commonly used in many musical genres. Children can easily learn to play our IQ Plus wooden claves by simply strike one stick against the other. Holding the clave on top of gripped fingers makes the sound more clear. This instrument will teach children the basic rhythmic patterns of any type of music. Children will enjoy exploring different ways to play them, holding them differently, even tapping them against the floor. The claves do not have specific pitches and the resulting sounds may vary while the instrument is being played. Children will learn how to modulate sounds based on where the clave is struck. · A great teaching tool to introduce music to young children, especially about rhythms and the basic beats to a musical piece. · An excellent interactive classroom instrument for students and teachers · Made of environmentally friendly rubber wood or premium rosewood
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