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Super Amazing Music Activities Book

Super Amazing Music Activities Book

Grades K-6 * The reproducible pencil-to-paper activities in this 88-page book provide countless opportunities to present and reinforce music concepts. From rhythm-counting stories to simple melody- and rhythm-notation exercises, from a color-the-instrument-families map of the orchestra to fun facts about composers, music fundamentals will come alive for your students as they work with these activities. A truly "super" successor to "The Amazing Music Activities Book" (30/2074H)!
Vogt, Janet
Teacher Ed
Music Store Window
One Big Happy Family
Musical Chairs
Instruments Please
Oliver's One-Man Band
Rainbow Orchestra
Then and Now
Next Please
Arrow Answers
Missing Link
Beginning Middle and End
Easy as Do Re Mi
Listen Sing Notate
Up Down and All Around
Stop in the Name of "La"
Bouncing Pencils
Waltz with Me
Two-Step Tunes
Hear Ye Hear Ye
Take Your Pick
Teacher's Examples (with answers)
Meet Mr. Bach
Meet Mr. Mozart
Meet Mr. Tchaikovsky
Meet Mr. Copland
Johann Sebastian Bach
George Frederic Handel
Antonio Vivaldi
Secret Word
Ludwig van Beethoven
Franz Joseph Haydn
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Composer Comparison
Johannes Brahms
Franz Schubert
Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky
Letter Please
Aaron Copland
Scott Joplin
Igor Stravinsky
Yes or No
Historically Speaking
Composer Code
Colorful Names
Spelling Bee
Mrs. Johnson's Report
Puzzling People
Family Tree
Woodwind Family
Circle Game
Brass Family
The Case of the Missing Case
Percussion Family
String Family
Testing 1-2-3, testing
Garage Sale
What's My Line
Bass Clef Space Notes
Bass Clef Round-up
Mystery Ensembles
Top of the Treble to You
Making a List and Checking it Twice
Happy Handbells
From C to Shining C
Copy Cat Notes
Recipe for a Song
Notes Afloat
Treble Clef Kick-off Notes
Music Finds a Home
I've Got (Too Much) Rhythm
You Can Count on It
It's About Time
Magic Wand Notes
All About Abby
Rocket Rhythms
Pastoral Pictures
Hard Copy

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