10 1/2 Anthems for about 10 Singers (2pt) - Popplers Music
10 1/2 Anthems for about 10 Singers (2pt)

10 1/2 Anthems for about 10 Singers (2pt)

Two-part Mixed o Post-holiday doldrums, summer vacations, inclement weather, or simply a smaller talent pool from which to build a choir-whatever the reason might be, the reality is that your small group of singers are an integral part of the worship experience for your church and appropriate music must be found. This invaluable and economically-priced collection of 10 anthems and a benediction can make that daunting task a joy. The well-known and talented composers and text writers included ensure that each anthem is worth singing and hearing, both musically and theologically, and utilizing a variety of styles. So if your choir is small in number this Sunday or even every Sunday, this outstanding collection is for you-and your church-and is a worthy addition to the highly successful series of collections created expressly so that even the smallest choirs can celebrate The Everlasting Holy God! with verve and conviction!
Pugh, Larry
2 Part Mix
Irish Blessing
Ascribe to the Lord
God Is So Good
Do Not Fear For You Are Mine
The Everlasting Holy God
All We Like Sheep
Bless Us Now This Day
Jesu Son of God Most Holy
Lord Make Us Worthy
This Is the Day
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