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Sail Away

Sail Away

This fine collection of songs is a sequel to 150 American Folk Songs edited by Peter Erdei. It includes pentatonic and diatonic melodies as well as minor and modal songs. A helpful Kodaly sequence is included and many songs include games, making this an ideal classroom resource.
Locke, Eleanor
Teacher Ed
Boosey & Hawkes
One, Two, Three O'Leary
Shake Them 'Simmons Down
Just From the Kitchen
Go to Sleep
Chippewa Lullaby
Old Roger
The Night-Herding Song
Hill and Gully Rider
All 'Round the Brickyard
Mary Wore Her Red Dress
Lead Through That Sugar and Tea
Child of God
The Devil's Questions
Little Black Bull
The Farmer's Curst Wife
Buckeye Jim
Black Jack Davy
John Kanaka
Sail Away, Ladies
Acorn-Grinding Song
Daddy Shot a Bear
Chicka-ma, Chicka-ma, Craney Crow
Shallow Brown
Morning Song
Come Up, Horsey
The Darby Ram
Doney Gal
Johnson Boys
Dark as a Dungeon
Old Mother Hippletoe
Skin and Bones
The Owl Sings
Cumberland Gap
Great Big House in New Orleans
Wall Flowers
Sally Go 'Round the Sun
'Round and 'Round
Rockin' By the Baby
Green Gravel
Que Llueva
Hush Up, Baby
My Owlet
Go 'Round the Mountain
Frog in the Meadow
Pizza, Pizza
Lucy Locket
Snail, Snail
Witch, Witch
Song of the Eagle
Jack, Can I Ride?
Shoo 'Roun'
What Month Was Jesus Born In?
The Ox Driver's Song
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
The Birds' Courting Song
Stewball II
Fare Thee Well
Hammer Ring
G'wan 'Roun' Rabbit
Song of the Snowflakes
The Cuckoo
Old Betty Larkin
Barbara Allen
Portland Town
Robin Hood and the Peddler
Little Mohee
Shady Grove
I wonder Where Maria's Gone
On a Mountain
I-Tisket, I-Tasket
Blow the Man Down
La Bella Hortelana
Here Goes the Red Bird
The Little White Daisies
Paddy Doyle
Vamos a la Mars
Green Grows the Willow Tree
There's a Big Ship Sailing
San Sereni
Blow, Boys, Blow
Daughter, Will You Marry?
The Gypsy Rover
A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go
Go Tell It on the Mountain
On Top of Old Smoky
The Boll Weevil
When Billy Was One
La Vibora de la Mar
Four White Horses
I Ride an Old Paint
Down in the Valley
Stewball I
We're Marching 'Round the Levee
A la Puerta del Cielo
Skating Away
Haul on the Bowlin'
My Little Rooster
Old Blue
Oh Waly, Waly
Jesse James
Sir Eglamore
The Zebra Dun
Oh, No, John
Blood-Red Roses
Sleep, Little One
Oro, My Bodeen
When I First Came to This Land
The Deer Chase
De Colores
Christmas Comin'
The Ship That Never Returned
The May Day Carol
Dors, Dors, 'Tit Bebe
The Longest Train
Bound for the Promised Land
Nobody Knows de Trouble I See
Captain Kidd
Let the Bullgine Run
Santy Anno
Brave Boys
To Work Upon the Railway
Link o' Day
Ser Come el Aire Libre
Ground Hog
Scarborough Fair
Wondrous Love
Hangman's Tree
The Ballad of Springhill
Song on Courtship
Old Joe Clark
Git Along, Little Dogies
Good Morning, My Pretty Little Miss
The Dying Cowby
The Avondale Mine Disaster
The Jam on Gerry's Rocks
As I Roved Out
Every Night When the Sun Goes Down
The Titanic
Hold the Wind
Little Johnny Brown
Water Boy
Go Down Ol' Hannah
Hard Copy