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Get Kids Singing Old American Favorites

Get Kids Singing Old American Favorites

Subscribers to Music K-8 magazine have always loved our new settings of favorite folk songs and teaching songs. This terrific, new collection brings together some uniquely American tunes in exciting new settings. This new collection includes: Aiken Drum - This popular, old folk tune tells the story of a man called "Aiken Drum," whose clothing is made of food! In our version, each new verse adds a percussion instrument to play. (You'll find lots of fun percussion instruments in our Instruments Store) There's A Hole In The Bucket - John adds wit to this humorous tale of Liza and Henry. Down By The Riverside - Simple and jazzy, this great spiritual can be sung as an easy 3-part mixed, or in unison. Down In The Valley - The rich accompaniment tracks for this song feature guitars, dobro, fiddle, and acoustic bass to perfectly complement this favorite tune of settlers headed west in wagon trains and workers in mining camps. The Crawdad Song - Our recording of this old southern folk tune has an authentic sound, and it is nicely tagged with the chaser, Chasin' The Crawdad! Yankee Doodle - A great authentic orchestration (featuring piccolos, snare drums, and brass), and verses from the period make this setting of the best known tune of the Revolutionary War a natural for lessons across the curriculum. Get On Board - This energetic spiritual has had many lives over the years. In this classic arrangement, Paul amplifies the "train" aspect of the tune with percussion, winds, and a "Whoo-woo!" for the vocals. Old Brass Wagon - Outstanding performances on fiddle and dobro make this great old movement song a joy to hear and perform. This is a valuable collection of tunes that you will use for years to come. Like many of our new products, it is available in all three of our thoughtful, budget-sensitive formats. As with all of our products, it squeezes the most out of every dollar you spend.
Jennings, Teresa
Riggio, John
Plank Road
Aiken Drum
There's a Hole In the Bucket
Down By The Riverside
Down In the Valley
The Crawdad Song
Chasin' The Crawdad!
Yankee Doodle
Get On Board
Old Brass Wagon
Hard Copy