Awesome Animals (A Celebration of All Creatures Great and Small) - Popplers Music
Awesome Animals (A Celebration of All Creatures Great and Small)

Awesome Animals (A Celebration of All Creatures Great and Small)

This revue topic is one of our very, very favorite subjects – animals! You can simply perform it as a program, and/or you can use it for cross curricular teaching and reinforcement. Be sure to let your classroom teachers know that you have this marvelous resource that is a great tie-in with science. The applications can go as deep as you want, studying species, habitats, behavior, etc. While you could certainly connect your discussions to the fact that human beings are also animals, for our musical purposes, we are focusing on non-human animals. From Volume 26 of Music K-8 magazine, Awesome Animals includes: Awesome Animals - The title song of the musical revue has a pop flavor to it with some elements of folk music that feel natural. It's also delightfully upbeat and catchy, especially at the chorus. You'll note some neat and quirky rhythms there, which enhance the pop styling and give it a contagious energy. We Love Our Pets - Whether they are common pets like cats, dogs, or birds, or more uncommon ones like lizards, horses, or ducks, the fact remains: We love our pets! In order to include all of your singers, even the very youngest, we have made this song pretty easy. The verse repeats exactly, as does the chorus, and the bridge is simple and short. Plus, it's all in unison. The style is also fun and familiar – sort of a retro-ish pop feel with a bit of a Latin undercurrent. In The Wild - "There's a symphony of sound in the life all around." Whether it's a lion roaring, an eagle screaming, or a dolphin clicking, the animals in our world create the music of nature. This song is set to a halftime world beat groove with a bit of a primitive flavor, despite the prolific use of synthesizers, which contribute to the air of mystery and wonder. The chorus is very catchy and memorable. Unlikely Buddies - Many of us have seen the pictures, calendars, books, even commercials that feature different species of animals hanging out together. As our song states: If they can do it, so can we! The setting for this super simple tune is deliberately light and sparse. It's a bit reminiscent of a campfire tune with just a guitar for accompaniment. That way, the kids' voices and the words are what stand out the most. Our Animal Friends - This high energy, feel-good song is a perfect way to end the revue. Though we should mention that, like all of the songs in the revue, it can also be used in other contexts. Any time you just want to celebrate the animal kingdom in general, this will do it! It's very catchy and easy to remember with a minimum of lyrics to learn. A visual presentation of animals would be appropriate in this song, notably because it is the finale. Here's a wonderful opportunity to include a slide show, photos, drawings, posters, puppets, toys, or even costumed students. One of the most important things you can do with this fun-filled, all-school musical revue, or with any of its songs, is to bring it across the curriculum. Whether you stage this revue or just use it in the classroom, this kit provides a script with connecting dialog, a teacher's guide, program artwork, as well as movement and staging suggestions. Awesome Animals Class Kit includes: Teacher's Handbook with Reproducible Student Parts & Performance/Accompaniment CD
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