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Americans We

Americans We

This unifying and uplifting revue from Music K-8 Volume 19 is so versatile, you will find it very effective for a performance, as a cross curricular tool, used either in whole or in part, and even interrelated with some of our other patriotic songs! This revue includes: Americans We - This is a very majestic, uplifting, iconically American-sounding orchestral piece. While it is the opener of this revue, it can be used in any other venue you like and it also makes a grand closing piece. Oh, I Love America - We call this a "head-bouncing" song because it seems like you just can't listen to it or sing it without bouncing your head to the happy quarter note groove. March Of The Wee Americans - Americans come in all sizes, shapes - and ages! This cute, traditional marching band-style tune is extremely easy and it has a great beat, so you can march to it, too. Or more to the point, your own "wee Americans" can march to it. Declaration - Included here are the famous opening words of the preamble of The United States Declaration of Independence. The song "Declaration" allows you (and the history teacher, and/or your entire school for that matter) to easily learn and remember the famous words that helped build our nation. One Nation - The lyrics of this song are thought-provoking, and the music alternates between haunting and passionate. If ever you're having a day when you're acutely feeling the division of opinions, parties, states, beliefs, whatever - sit down and crank up the volume of the full recording for this song. Especially after the ending, you just may find yourself with a renewed sense of hope. American Every Day - Your students and audience will love this distinctly halftime groove behind the symphonic brass, strings, and corps-style percussion. It's very energetic, yet coolly subdued. The song itself is unison, simple, and repetitious so that just about anyone should be able to sing along, including your audience. They will be wowed! Americans We will invigorate your students and audience alike, and reminds us all of what makes this country so great. This revue has so many teaching opportunities that you'll want to share it with your colleagues. Whether staging it simply, using it just in the classroom, or involving the whole school and community, this revue's versatility and impact will prove a useful resource.
Jennings, Teresa
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