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Dexter The Dragon's Amazing Recorder Adventure

Dexter The Dragon's Amazing Recorder Adventure

A Learning Quest for Beginning Recorder Players Those beginning days with recorders can be trying. Progress is often slow, and early concepts need to be reinforced. That's where Dexter and his friends come to the rescue. First introduced in Recorder Classroom magazine, our lovable dragon and his friends face the same challenges your beginners do. The kit features four illustrated stories, each tied to steps in learning the basics of recorder playing, from instrument care to tone production, practice habits, and the actual technical challenges of learning beginning songs. Each story can be used as a read-along, and all pages are legally reproducible. (If you have the Downloadable or Convenience Combo Kit, you can print from the PDFs and/or use them with a projector, SMART Board™, or an interactive whiteboard.) At the end of each story there are review and discussion questions to reinforce what has been learned. The kit contains four progressive songs, each covering a little more technical territory. The first song, "Dexter Takes Off," can be played with just the note B, and once the students have learned the note A, the song can be played with both notes. It also works with some students playing each version, a handy thing as some students progress more quickly than others. Each song works to further what the students have learned. To make this kit even more exciting for the students, we have created a special web site where students can enter a password (included in the kit) and play along with the accompaniments online. We will also have other activities on the site to make this a unique learning experience for your students. Teachers will find free bonus downloads on the site, as well. The site is
Jennings, Paul
Plank Road
Dexter Takes Off
Dexter And The Cave Monster
The Wizard's Enchanted Rhythms
Dexter's Dance - Consort/Dragon Family Edition
Dexter's Dance - Rockin' Solo Edition
Hard Copy

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