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Conversational Solfege, Level 3

Conversational Solfege, Level 3

The long-awaited revision to Conversational Solfege Level 3 is here! Inside the Teacher’s Guide, you will find units that systematically roll out not only additional rhytm and tonal vocabulary, but also reading in new keys, meters, harmonies, and tonalities. The new Conversational Solfege Level 3 Teacher's Manual introduces all diatonic tones in major and minor, subdominant harmony, aeolian, and all duple and triple meter signatures. Paired with the new CD of Classical Music, you are ready to take your students to a new Level 3! Conversational Solfege is a dynamic and captivating second through eighth grade general music program that enables students to become independent musical thinkers with the help of a rich variety of folk and classical music. With the Conversational Solfege approach, music literacy starts with great literature and an “ear-before-eye” philosophy that correlates with the National Standards. Great songs are broken down into their component parts and then reassembled so that students can bring greater musical understanding to everything they do. The ultimate goal is to create fully engaged, independent musicians who can hear, understand, read, write, compose, and improvise. Central to the Conversational Solfege program is the use of music harvested from our rich and diverse American musical history. This variety of music serves as a common thread that spans and bonds generations. Each book contains varied song material so the teacher can select appropriate music for the lower grades or older beginners. This 12-step teaching method carefully brings students from readiness to, ultimately, creating music through inner hearing and then transferring their musical thoughts into notation—in other words, to compose music! This series is a complete, innovative approach to teaching music that will stay fresh year after year.
Feierabend, John
Teacher Ed