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Curtains - Young@Part

Curtains - Young@Part

Each Showbox contains: 30 Cast Scripts 2 Piano/Vocal Scores 1 Director Guide 1 Guide Vocals CD (Student CD) 1 Perfromance Tracks CD 1 Logo Pack CD Curtains Young@Part® is the authorized 65-70 minute edition of the Broadway musical for elementary and middle schools, and youth theatres. Through a series of workshops with industry professionals and actual kids, the Young@Part® musicals are tailor-made for younger actors. Song keys are changed where needed, songs and scenes are edited for time and content, while keeping the spirit of the original Broadway show intact. There are great parts for girls, boys and can feature any size ensemble/chorus, who are featured throughout the show. Curtains is set in the brassy, bright, and promising year of 1959. Boston's Colonial Theatre is host to the opening night performance of a new musical. When the leading lady mysteriously dies on stage the entire cast & crew are suspects. Enter a local detective, who just happens to be a musical theatre fan! A hilarious journey for both performers and the audience, the original Broadway production garnered 8 nominations at the 2007 Tony Awards including Best Musical.
Kandor, John
Hal Leonard