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Season of Partner Songs

Season of Partner Songs

Over the many years of Music K-8 magazine, we have created a variety of unique partner songs for the winter season to use in your music curriculum. Whatever the age group and whether a large group or small, this new collection provides plenty of options for your classroom and performances. Songs include: I Hear Those Jingle Bells - What a refreshing arrangement of this seasonal favorite. Start with the familiar lyrics sung as a swing tune with a big band accompaniment. Add in part 2 as a completely new and silly, but simple addition and you've got a lot of fun! Dona Nobis Pacem - This song has all kinds of positives: it can be seasonal or not seasonal; it can be secular or sacred; it can complement any program; and the subject is peace. The arrangement is a three-part partner song, and each part is simple and repetitive. A Perfect Winter Day - Two opposing viewpoints of "A Perfect Winter Day" are what this amusing partner song is all about. Part 1 celebrates the optimist's view and it is sung with joy and glee. Part 2 reveals with humor the "other" side of winter. Winter In The Country - A little folksy and very simple to learn, each part of this partner song stands well by itself, but they sound great when combined. Shalom - While shalom is recognized as a traditional Jewish greeting or farewell, it is a Hebrew word which literally means "peace." This is a wonderful theme for winter and holiday performances and it includes optional sign language. Rules For Christmas - This upbeat swing tune is not only a great choice for a holiday program, it's also just plain fun to sing whether you're having a program or not. As a teaching extension, you may want to explore the music of Count Basie and what it means when it says "a la Basie" at the top of this song. Where Is The Peace? - This song is guaranteed to provide a memorable moment in any performance. The lyrics are about living together in peace and both melodies are natural for singers of any age.
Jennings, Teresa
Jennings, Paul
Perf Pack
Plank Road
I Hear Those Jingle Bells
Dona Nobis Pacem
A Perfect Winter Day
Winter in the Country
Rules for Christmas
Where is the Peace?
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