Johannus Vivaldi 270 Home Organ w 2 Manuals - Popplers Music
Johannus Vivaldi 270 Home Organ w 2 Manuals

Johannus Vivaldi 270 Home Organ w 2 Manuals

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The modern classic by Johannus

With its unique sound, superb resonance and varied stoplist, the Vivaldi 270 makes a lavish salute to the pipe organ. It provides the familiar quality with a whole new look. Or in other words, the Vivaldi 270 is the modern classic by Johannus.

Opus 277 Specs

Console Dimensions
Height: 45 inch (114.5 cm)
Height w/ Music Desk: 55 1/4 inch (140 cm)
Width: 56 3/4 inch (144.5 cm)
Depth: 24 3/4 inch (63 cm)
Depth w/ Pedalboard: 42 3/4 inch (108.5 cm)
Number of Total Voices: 42
Number of Ranks: 53
Number of Orchestral Voices: 21
Keyboard Type: Synthetic Keyboards (5 Octaves)
Pedalboard Type: 32-Note AGO Pedalboard with Dark Upper Keys
Number of Couplers: 3
Tremulants: 2
Shoes: 3
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