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Basic Music Theory and History for Strings - Cello

Basic Music Theory and History for Strings - Cello

This visually captivating workbook is a part of the String Basics curriculum, however, it is designed and recommended to be used alongside any first year string method book. It is a perfectly designed workbook FOR beginning string players and it’s divided into 2 sections: Music Theory - concepts introduced are organized to match with what most students learn in a 1st year method book: note/rest names, note/rest values, steps & skips, D, G, C Major scales, half & whole steps, ear training exercises. Exercises collaborate with string instrument fingerboard diagrams to provide a strong connection of theory to their playing experiences. Music History - history & development of string instruments and orchestras, biographies of 10 orchestral composers from the 1500s to the 2000s. Students will also read about music related jobs throughout the centuries. Each historical period includes “The Century Times,” a 1-page newspaper highlighting bringing together elements of music-related history with important non-music events, discoveries, and more. The Teacher’s Edition serves as an answer key and contains additional assessments, and materials for ear training exercises. Online ear training tools are available. The Theory/History workbooks are designed for students to write in—they contain Practice theory assignments and include thought-provoking questions in the history portion.
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